The Triumphant Entry

Victory in Battle
February 19, 2023
For Death Could Not Hold Him Captive
April 9, 2023

The Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem signifies His Kingship and a way to perfect the work of salvation of our lives.

Chris also showed that He is omniscient, the all-knowing one. This he showed by foretelling the existence of the donkey, its location, its status of being tied and never used along with the series of questions to be asked the disciples. Another He demonstrated in the calling of Nathaniel (John 1: 47 - 49), John 4: 16-19,  John 2: 25.

The triumphant entry was to bring to fufillment the prophecy made earlier Zechariah 9:9, Genesis 49:8-12.

The Triumphant Entry signifies the affirmation and celebration of Jesus Christ. Little wonder, the people dropped their clothes and placed palm fronds for Him to pass on. 

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